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Each jewel requires care and attention. Be careful not to expose precious metals and delicate stones, such as pearls and corals, to intense sources of heat or cold. Remove your jewellery when using corrosive products, and take into consideration your regular activities that could could create damage, or increase the risk of loosing the jewel.


1. Check your jewel on a regular basis: check that the clasp still closes properly, check if the stones feel secured and not ‘loose’ inside their setting, check that the mounting does not show signs of usury.

2. Each jewel should be cleaned regularly, weekly if possible, in order to avoid dirt to settle inside the setting of the stones and avoid beautiful stones turn opaque.

Just a few minutes will help you keep your jewel clean and sparkling! We advise you to wash it under slightly warm water with neutral soap. Then with the help of a soft brush, try to brush it delicately and bring it back to its original splendor. To end, leave it to dry naturally with fresh air and after that use a dry, soft, cloth to polish it.

3. It is also very important to store your jewellery with care. Avoid keeping more than one item together. Always keep them separately in their case or pouch, or inside a well organized jewellery box.

For further information about care please do not hesitate to contact us!


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